Introducing: Navigate One Day Conference

Well, church fam, you know me and my incessant need to want to help you and others grow closer to God and His Word. A few friends from the Free Will Baptists in Michigan suggested I be part of a board that focuses on Christian education. So I did, and what do you know, we’re … Continue reading Introducing: Navigate One Day Conference

What Is the Next Steps Course?

For the next two Sundays, I will be teaching the “Next Steps Course” at church. It begins at 12:45 with lunch that my wife is taking care of. The course then guides attendees through 4 next steps in their relationship with Jesus. The first step is about how to come to know God as a … Continue reading What Is the Next Steps Course?

What God is Doing When He Takes Things Away

Good day to you, fellow Central Oakie, and friends “listening” in. Before I share my thought for this week, let me thank you all for praying for me. More and more I’m seeing how much I need your prayers. These past few weeks, spiritual opposition has been stronger than I normally notice. Whenever I’ve reached … Continue reading What God is Doing When He Takes Things Away

Four Reasons I Think We Should Hire An Associate Pastor

Hey church family, I’m happy to be back in my study at the church building because the Lord has called us here and has sustained us every step of the way. Many of you have been a big part of that. But it’s not about me and my family—the Lord is the center of the … Continue reading Four Reasons I Think We Should Hire An Associate Pastor

Reflections on Younger People Sticking

Church family, today I want to share some reflections I have about younger people being part of Central Oaks and then give some practical suggestions. Before I begin, let me clarify that my post today is about younger people who are actually seeking God and a church, not the many who are wandering from God … Continue reading Reflections on Younger People Sticking

Why Did Jesus Tell People Not to Tell About His Miracles?

Jesus often told people not to tell about His miracles. If you’d like an example, consider Mark 7:31-37, my text for Sunday. Sometimes people apparently obeyed him, and other times they obviously did not. The question is why? Today I offer a suggestion and an encouragement. A Suggestion I suspect the answer is multi-layered, but … Continue reading Why Did Jesus Tell People Not to Tell About His Miracles?

What to Do If Someone Claims to Be a Christian But Refuses to Repent of Sin

It’s celebrity pastors that make the headlines for no longer believing in Jesus. But the ones who hurt the most are our loved ones—those we’ve discipled and worshipped and served with; maybe even ones still living in the room down the hall. The time we are living in is not a time that has surprised … Continue reading What to Do If Someone Claims to Be a Christian But Refuses to Repent of Sin

Dear Central Oaks (part 2)

It’s nearing the middle of the week already. I’m basically finished preparing for the teaching for Wednesday night, and I’m hopeful about the Lord using that in you. It has been encouraging to see the number of you coming to that grow. I pray the Lord would help me be faithful no matter how many … Continue reading Dear Central Oaks (part 2)

Dear Church Family,

Today’s blog doesn’t have a theme. It’s just a letter of some things I wanted to write to you. I hope you’ll read. If all of you would not just continue in the faith, but grow in faithfulness and fruitfulness, my joy would abound. I mean that sincerely. When God gives me the honor of … Continue reading Dear Church Family,

Bible Reading Plans for 2021

Bible intake is how your soul eats. Every Christian needs to learn to feed themselves so they can come to a point where they feed others. That starts by reading the Bible either by oneself or with a friend, spouse, or family member. Before you look at the plans I suggest below, keep in mind … Continue reading Bible Reading Plans for 2021