Thank You For Listening to Preaching

Church family,

There are many, many people who are better preachers than me, yet many of you come every week to hear God’s Word from my mouth. This is just a short letter to say thank you.

Thank you for going to bed at a good time on Saturday night as I know many of you do so you can be refreshed and prepared to hear from God’s Word. I believe God honors that small act of faith.

Thank you for paying attention to what I’m saying. I can tell you do, and I can tell you take it seriously. I feel honored when you care to listen to what I’ve been preparing to share with you for 12-15 hours of the last week.

Thank you for not taking my word for it, but looking at God’s Word yourselves and considering whether what I’m saying is what God says. We both know that if any change will happen in our lives, it will be because God does it through His Word, and not my opinion, personality, or humor.

Thank you for forgiving me when I have said something in error or with the wrong spirit or tone. I have said things out of anger before, and it humbles me so much to know that you haven’t rejected me because of those sins.

Thank you for saying “Amen” when I ask you to during my sermons. I know it makes you uncomfortable to audibly respond during preaching, but sometimes hearing you say “Amen” helps me finish what God has put in my heart and mind. I need you during preaching just as much as you need me.

Thank you for listening well to guest preachers I sometimes invite to serve you. I often hear good remarks about your attentiveness and respect you give to them. (And thank you for still wanting me back after they’re done preaching.)

Thank you for following me well when I have few illustrations and stories. You can follow a deep theological point better than others I have preached to. It’s a sign of your maturity. (And I hope to be able to illustrate things better in the future.)

Thank you for loving me and my family outside of the pulpit. You always have. And I hope I can be better at doing the same.

Thank you again,
Pastor Jacob