The Sovereign Lord

The phrase "the sovereign Lord" occurs 282 times in the NIV translation of God's Word. Want to guess how many times the phrase is used in the book of Ezekiel? Two hundred and ten! Of course, for God to be sovereign means that He has supreme authority. He's the boss. Why this phrase so much … Continue reading The Sovereign Lord

Articles to Consider

Well dear friend, it is time for another blog. What should I write about when I'm not sure what to say? How about I direct you to four articles that I think might be helpful to you? "Help! I'm scared to pray in a group!" Paige Pippin shares some helpful advice at The Gospel Coalition … Continue reading Articles to Consider

What Does the Bible Say About Homosexual Behavior? A Simple List

It is “Pride Month” in our country. As people who “hold God’s Word as our highest authority for how we live and what we believe” (our church covenant), I thought it opportune to give a simple list of what Scripture says about homosexual behavior. Homosexual behavior, according to God, is: Reason for judgment from God … Continue reading What Does the Bible Say About Homosexual Behavior? A Simple List

Dear Asher,

Shalom my dearest cousin! It’s Thursday before Passover, and things are reaching a boiling point here. There is so much happening it has been difficult to find the time to write you. Please forgive me. Everyone who is anyone in Jerusalem is convinced Jesus of Nazareth has committed blasphemy—the chief priests, Pharisees, scribes, etc. It … Continue reading Dear Asher,