Why Did Jesus Tell People Not to Tell About His Miracles?

Jesus often told people not to tell about His miracles. If you’d like an example, consider Mark 7:31-37, my text for Sunday. Sometimes people apparently obeyed him, and other times they obviously did not. The question is why?

Today I offer a suggestion and an encouragement.

A Suggestion

I suspect the answer is multi-layered, but perhaps at the time of His ministry, Jesus knew the crowds (and even His followers) didn’t have the whole picture of who He was and what He came to do. No one realized He was going to die, rise again, go to heaven, and only then take over the rule of all things. The ones who believed He was the Messiah expected His physical, literal rule to begin in their lifetime. Perhaps He wanted to dispel some of His fame in order to limit a false perception of who He is and what He truly came to do.

An Encouragement

Now, an encouragement: learn to be okay with not knowing why. Jesus doesn’t always tell us why He does what He does. We might not know His reasons until we pass. It’s tempting to come to a false conclusion that says since we don’t know the why, that God doesn’t know or doesn’t care. That’s a lie. God does know and He does care. He is trustworthy—more trustworthy than we are.

Here’s the thing we all know is true: It is better to know Jesus than to know all the whys. If we know Him—the trustworthy one—we’re going to be just fine. He is enough.