Dear Central Oaks (Part 9)

The last time I wrote a “Dear Central Oaks” letter was all the way back on May 5. My hope for you is unshaken. I am confident that the one who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Vacation Bible School is off to a great start as of yesterday. The Lord has brought several children not connected to our church or perhaps any church. Please pray for them. Pray also for the volunteers—for us to be patient, loving, and clear with God’s truth. Joanna Walker has done a great job preparing everything and leading the team, per usual.

It was good to honor Nicole Morehouse last Sunday because of her graduation from High School. She has been a joy to her parents and us during the last few years of their being here after having moved from Gaylord. Join me in praying for her faith to remain strong and for the Lord to provide a godly community around her at Western.

I’m grateful for those who taught and preached in my stead the past few weeks. Steve Thrasher II preached for me last week and did a great job. And two young men (one still in High School) taught for me the past two Wednesdays—both of which are from Woodhaven Free Will Baptist Church.

Lynsey, the girls and I had a good 11 days or so away. In a way it was like a vacation but it was also not a vacation either. It was vacation-like because we enjoyed seeing both sets of our parents and most of our siblings, not to mention many, many friends we’ve had over the years.

But it was not vacation-like because we served at the Free Will Baptist convention, as is usually the case. For me that involved much time practicing guitar and playing for worship services, as well as preparing for and presenting two seminars. Lynsey also sang at 3 of the services and made sure our girls were taken care of. On top of that, add long drives. So, we came back with full hearts but tired bodies. We know His grace will renew us, and we thank you for allowing others to borrow us for a time. (Of course, we belong to the Lord ultimately.)

I’m excited the Lord has brought us Nancy Ingram. She just completed the membership matters course and will be sharing her testimony at the members meeting on Wednesday, August 4 and going before you all to be voted in thereafter. Start praying for her regularly now! Perhaps we will have more to consider soon.

I’ve been listening to an interesting podcast called “This Cultural Moment,” a podcast about following Jesus in a post-Christian world. It’s hosted by a pastor from Portland and Melbourne. Their insight is helpful in understanding the worldview of folks like our neighbors here in Royal Oak. Discerning ears may appreciate it.

The Lord will strengthen you all in every trial, and sustain you spotless at His appearing or your arrival. He has already planned out your good works. Walk in them!

Lord willing, I will be preaching Mark 9:14-29 this Sunday. Only two healings remain in Mark!

I love you all with the love of the Lord,

Pastor Jacob