Dear Central Oaks (Part 13)

Tomorrow we begin the last day of the month, but the Lord has this day and this month in His hand, like He has had all along.

The Lord has kept Elsie Anderson through her recent infection, and we’re grateful to have her for as much time as God allows. The Lord heard our prayers for baby boy Alexander Bidinger, who was threatening to make an early arrival, but stayed long enough for viability at 5lbs 8oz. The Lord heard your prayers for my family’s safe travels to and from Tennessee when we arrived back home last Friday. Our God has also helped Bob Slade get progressively better from his bout with COVID. Stephen Wells got a new job through your prayers.

All praises be to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is wonderful!

Now we have other needs as a church family that the Lord will answer according to His will in His time. Baby Allan Wells still awaits his MRI, Ken Millen’s sister Laurie continues to battle cancer and Sandy Slade’s sister-in-law is comatose after her battle with COVID. Caleb Hsieh is finishing a sleep study today after a long journey with night terrors. Don and Diane Waugh are regaining strength after going through COVID. We have many physical problems, but God is faithful and He is renewing us on the inside day by day.

The youth group on Wednesdays is going well and by God’s grace we’ve seen Him bring several new teens to this ministry! Pray, invite, and serve! Pastor Chris needs adults to help (as does Joanna in children’s ministry)!

Our Christmas Candlelight service is happening on December 19 this year at 6pm. We will not be having a meal, but we will have cookies and coffee afterward, so get out those recipes! In the service we’ll hear the story again and invite our families and friends to believe in Jesus and surrender their hearts to Him.

Remember the Devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, and put on the whole armor of God so you can stand against him. Do all you can to stand firm against him, helping others stand firm as well through prayer, encouragement, and sharing the Word together.

I covet your prayers during this month as, Lord willing, I will plan the first quarter of 2022’s sermons over Christmas break. Then, Chris and I will find some time to plan the rest of the year’s sermons in collaboration.

Pastor Chris and I are continuing to pray for you all regularly—for you members and you regulars. For you regulars, we’re praying about how to help you all take any next steps the Holy Spirit might be leading you to take. Lord willing we will have more to say about this in the new year. But for now, if you need to surrender your heart to Jesus, be baptized, find a place to serve, or join the church in membership, would you ask God to lead you to your next step?

For you members, who can you invite to lunch this Sunday that’s a regular? Why not see how you can serve them and get to know them better?

Our holy Father in heaven has us in His hand and will accomplish His purposes in us to the glory of Jesus.

Remember, Jesus came to serve, not to be served.

In your service, wonderful people of God,

Pastor Jacob