The Greatest Untapped Opportunity for Evangelism at Our Church

Well, dear friend, we have been preaching about evangelism for a month plus now. I know it has been on your mind because of how much we’ve emphasized it. You’ve been praying for the lost in your circles and you know the Lord wants you to take a step to be more intentional about seeking people to share the gospel with. You might not have much opportunity to talk about Jesus with non Christians and you wonder how that might become a regular part of your life. If that’s you, I have a solution for you.

In fact, what I’m about to suggest might be the greatest untapped opportunity for evangelism at our church. It’s an opportunity the Lord has specifically given the women of our church. What is that opportunity? It is the Black Sheep Knitting Guild that meets at our church one Tuesday night each month.

The Black Sheep Knitting Guild is a community club that meets to knit and spend time together. They contacted us a few years ago, looking for a place to meet. Their previous meeting place became a closed door. So we said, “Sure thing!” In the summer and during COVID they have met on the “back 40” (that big grassy field to the west of our property). They are meeting tonight from 6:30–9.

I can almost guarantee you, ladies, that if you go to the knitting club meeting, God will give you a chance to talk about Jesus to someone who does not know Him.

Don’t know how to knit? Come to learn. Someone will teach you.

Is the Holy Spirit knocking on your heart about this? Is He calling you to go and be a light for Christ? If so, go tonight at 6:30. If you have any questions, contact Diane Howard. Her email is below.