Articles to Consider

Well dear friend, it is time for another blog. What should I write about when I’m not sure what to say? How about I direct you to four articles that I think might be helpful to you?

“Help! I’m scared to pray in a group!”

Paige Pippin shares some helpful advice at The Gospel Coalition about how to overcome being scared to pray in a group of Christians–like during Growth Group or Wednesday nights, for example. Read here.

“Do Evangelicals Still Believe Evangelical Doctrines?”

Over at World, author Ericka Andersen shares helpful observations about what the new research from Ligonier and LifeWay on the doctrinal beliefs of America evangelicals reveals. Read here.

“Does Demon Possession Happen in the wesT?”

Chuck Lawless, Dean at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forrest, North Carolina, believes demonic possession is still real, but acknowledges we don’t seem to see much of it here. In this article, he submits a theory as to why that is. Remember that what he presents is only a theory. Read here.

“From Silence to Complexification to capitulation”

Kevin DeYoung, pastor, professor, and author, writes at World on various steps that people go through when moving from holding biblical teachings on sexuality to celebrating LGBTQ ideology. Read here.