On Election Day

My wife and I took some time to vote this morning. We’ve fulfilled our responsibility and privilege, and now we wait to learn the results. As we do, I wanted to share a thought that I hope is helpful for you all.

We Christians have a unique perspective on days like today because we do care about what happens in elections. Jesus calls us to be salt and light–to reflect the values of His kingdom in hopes of pointing others to a better country and holding back the darkness. We love our neighbors, families, and communities, seeking their good. But at the same time, we have perfect peace regardless of the outcome because we know our true country is secure. Our citizenship there and the values of that place can never be altered by public opinion. In fact, passages like Daniel 2 and Romans 13 show us that our God is actually sovereign over every leader and every decision.

What I’m trying to say is that we are neither laissez faire nor anxiety ridden. The kingdom here makes us alert and active to be good ambassadors and the kingdom coming enables us to do so with contentment, peace, and joy.

I’m not sure of another worldview that enables people to have such a perspective. Truly, in Christ we are the most privileged. Glory to His name!