Thank You, Central Oaks

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for all of you.

In no particular order . . .

Thank you, Susan Hersey for leading the charge in Operation Christmas Child.

Thank you, Ruth Sutton for not giving up on your friends who don’t know Jesus.

Thank you, Diane Howard for all the behind-the-scenes things you do.

Thank you, Gary Howard for truly caring about people.

Thank you, Chris and Joanna Walker for being committed to Central Oaks when it would have been easy to leave.

Thank you, Philip Hersey for always being prepared to play guitar and taking your role seriously.

Thank you, Tim Sutton for being steady and consistent for your family.

Thank you, Danny Shields for taking it upon yourself to make sure the roof is repaired.

Thank you, Cathy Shields for always having faith that the Lord will work it out.

Thank you, Janice Johnson for using your gifts to serve the Lord and making sure you and I have a good relationship.

Thank you, Scott Fortune for volunteering, being my friend, and growing in the Lord.

Thank you, Gary Faust for obeying God without the need for recognition.

Thank you, Brenda Faust for your joyful spirit and consistency in the Lord.

Thank you, Brenda Underwood for taking care of your Dad so faithfully. You are a treasure.

Thank you, Shannon Arthur for praying for me and everyone.

Thank you, Scott Adkins for not leaving the church when others would have.

Thank you, Robin Adkins for your quiet, steady spirit.

Thank you, Rob Seymour for your consistency in the Lord.

Thank you, Rebekah Seymour for your joy in the Lord.

Thank you, Lisa Treppa for having a default “yes” when asked to serve, even when it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Thank you, Kim Fortune for not being afraid to be real.

Thank you, Rose Mary Kolibar for being all-in since you have come.

Thank you, George Kolibar for being a dedicated Trustee.

Thank you, Tim Boehnlein for continuing to plod.

Thank you, Valeta Boehnlein for being a doer.

Thank you, Meryl Poynter for looking for the best in people when others assume the worst.

Thank you, Glenda Cumbee for actively showing your care for people in practical ways.

Thank you, Elsie Anderson for maximizing everything God has given you for His kingdom.

Thank you, Sandy Slade for having a heart for children.

Thank you, Bob Slade for being a forgiving person and giving people second chances.

Thank you, Brooke Walker for having open-door meetings with me when your Mom came to work. Remember boys have cooties.

Thank you, Landen Walker for sharing your amazing engineering mind with us.

Thank you, Elijah Fortune for hugs and letting me be silly.

Thank you, Olivia Fortune for your sweet smile.

Thank you, Christian Hsieh for teaching me to do that silly noise.

Thank you, Caleb Hsieh for asking me to play games with you.

Thank you, Charlie Hsieh for your sweet hugs.

Thank you, Chris Hsieh for serving the Lord.

Thank you, Kathy Hsieh for believing the best about people no matter what.

Thank you, Ken Millen for doing what you can for Jesus and loving God’s Word.

Thank you, Debbie McClure for carrying on your brother’s legacy.

Thank you, Bill Martin for having a sensitive heart for God.

Thank you, Billie Martin for taking good care of your husband.

Thank you, Joan Catalan for not being afraid of what people think about you.

Thank you, Dave Treppa for the “Jacob ❤ Lynsey” sign you made me.

Thank you, Vern Morehouse for never faking it.

Thank you, Lisa Morehouse for obeying God after He spoke to you through that dream.

Thank you, Nicole Morehouse for swimming against the current of your generation.

Thank you, Donna Dalling for giving your heart to Christ and sharing that with us.

Thank you, Tommy for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, Betty Kotilla for letting your spirit be sweeter than your cookies.

Thank you, Butch Witt for the countless care packages and treating my girls like they are your own.

Thank you, Jan Witt for talking to me when I did something that hurt you and for being willing to stay afterwards.

Thank you, Tom Zoppa for having a heart for the lost.

Thank you, Diane Zoppa for asking to keep our girls instead of waiting to be asked.

Thank you, Nola Cunningham for your hugs and for making the Senior Brunch special.

Thank you, Gail Bidinger for being a rock for your family.

Thank you, Dan Bidinger for talking to me.

Thank you, Nancy Ingram for your infectious joy and optimism in the Lord.

Thank you, Ray Ingram for doing all the things Nancy volunteered you for.

Thank you, Cyndy Slater for designing images for the Lord.

Thank you, Jeff Slater for being faithfully devoted to your wife.

Thank you, Steve Walker for being generous and encouraging.

Thank you, Darlene Walker for practicing hospitality.

Thank you, Diane Waugh for equipping others to practice hospitality.

Thank you, Don Waugh for helping your wife equip others to practice hospitality and for being a faithful trustee.

Thank you, Cindy Nolan for growing in the Lord, especially since COVID.

Thank you, Tim Wood for being so consistent at Central Oaks.

Thank you, Mary Jo Houck for being a leader for Christ.

Thank you, Karen Cadger for being encouraging.

Thank you, Sharde Fultz for helping me see some things regarding race to which I was ignorant.

Thank you, Peggy Hughes for letting me be myself around you.

Thank you, Barbara Saul for not giving up hope.

Thank you, Karen Christiansen for obeying Jesus when He told you to be baptized.

Thank you, Paula Barrett for following Jesus when others near you haven’t.

Thank you, Lynsey Riggs for being my favorite.

Thank you, Meredith Jane for always making us laugh.

Thank you, Caroline Marie for being my sweetheart.

Thank you, everyone, for letting me be your pastor. Do not grow weary in well doing.

Pastor Jacob