Dear Central Oaks (Part 15)

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things,” so says part of 1 Corinthians 13. Can I put the word “God’s” before those phrases? I think I can, since God is love. Read it like this: “God’s love bears all things. God’s love believes all things. God’s love hopes all things. God’s love endures all things.” Indeed, His love for us bears all our sin, believes all good things about us, never ends with hope for us, and endures all of our shortcomings and failures. His love for you, Central Oaks, is astounding and beautiful. It is something to rest in and enjoy like nothing else.

Thank you to Pastor Chris for holding down the fort while Lynsey and I went away for a weekend and Lynsey’s Mom came up to watch our girls (it’s winter break right now). Thank you, also, to Gary Howard, who led the Riggs growth group in my stead. I’ve listened to (most of) Pastor Chris’ sermon, and I’m glad to know he proclaimed the Word with clarity and conviction. I know Gary did a great job, too.

Easter is quickly approaching! It’s only six weeks away! That’s exciting and scary all at once! We are planning on having

Thank you for reaching out to care for Diane Waugh as she and her family mourn the loss of her husband, Bill. Bill and his wife were part of our church in the early 2000’s before Lynsey and I came. Bill had battled cancer and passed away at the Waugh home just recently. The funeral arrangements are here.

Mentioning Diane reminded me of something that applies to several of you in this season. I know Steve and Darlene Walker, Cindy and Jeff Slater, Brenda Underwood, Diane and Don Waugh, and Debbie McClure (forgive me if I’ve forgotten someone!) have all done and are doing a great job in caring for their aging parents. This task can be difficult, but I know it honors the Lord. In fact, I think caring for aging parents is a practical outworking of the 5th Commandment, which says, “Honor your father and mother.” To all of you who are doing this, I thank God for you, applaud you, and know the Lord will honor you for honoring your parents in this season. Don’t lose heart! You are doing important work!

We are having a church family potluck on March 5, Sunday, after service. I hope the whole church will come. Someone asked me why we were doing this, and my answer is that we just like to spend time together and encourage one another! So, bring some good food and plan to share a short testimony of something God has been doing in your life! That’s Sunday, March 5 right after service in the basement.

The Lord will be our strength for the day and our song in the night.

Pastor Jacob