Dear Central Oaks (Part 10)

Today is the official beginning of a new season of life for many of us. I’m not sure when fall starts, but new routines begin on the Tuesday after Labor Day because that’s when everyone is back in school. Keep the Fortune’s, Walker’s, Riggs’, Wells’, Cox’s, Tehya, and Rose in your prayers as those individuals … Continue reading Dear Central Oaks (Part 10)

Four Reasons I Think We Should Hire An Associate Pastor

Hey church family, I’m happy to be back in my study at the church building because the Lord has called us here and has sustained us every step of the way. Many of you have been a big part of that. But it’s not about me and my family—the Lord is the center of the … Continue reading Four Reasons I Think We Should Hire An Associate Pastor

Dear Central Oaks (Part 6)

I’m very proud of you. That’s what I felt when I was observing all the children and families pouring into our parking lot this past Saturday. Let me explain. In times past I’ve felt pressure to reach the lost, as if it truly depends on me. So at an event like the egg hunt when … Continue reading Dear Central Oaks (Part 6)

Dear Central Oaks (Part 5)

Oh church, you have no idea who you are. You have been raised with Christ. You are seated with Christ in the heavenly places. You’re already in heaven, church! It’s only a matter of time until your destination is materialized. That God would allow me to shepherd any of you is a wonder to me. … Continue reading Dear Central Oaks (Part 5)

Dear Central Oaks

We didn’t have to make Meredith wear a hood on our walk to school today! That means it’s getting warmer! What a wonderful thing! I hope you all are enjoying God today. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. God’s presence is a place of safety, solace, and … Continue reading Dear Central Oaks

How to Know if You Should Get the COVID Vaccine

Only one of you has asked me if I think you should get the vaccine for COVID. So perhaps I’m being presumptuous to assume most of you care much about my counsel on this. If that is the case, feel free to stop reading and move on to something more beneficial, like memes on Facebook. … Continue reading How to Know if You Should Get the COVID Vaccine

Dear Church Family,

Today’s blog doesn’t have a theme. It’s just a letter of some things I wanted to write to you. I hope you’ll read. If all of you would not just continue in the faith, but grow in faithfulness and fruitfulness, my joy would abound. I mean that sincerely. When God gives me the honor of … Continue reading Dear Church Family,

One Simple Way to Replace Fear With Peace

Church family, Our enemy knows his time is drawing short. It’s always darkest right before the dawn. Things will go on from bad to worse until the parousia (that’s a word that means “revealing”). He knows he can’t separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. But he can try to immobilize us. … Continue reading One Simple Way to Replace Fear With Peace

Thank God for Philip

Philip had been following Jesus for nearly three years by the time Jesus asked him what might have been the most gut-wrenching question he had ever heard. Jesus had found him on His way to Galilee and simply said, "Follow me." Philip found Nathanael and took him to Jesus (John 1:43-46). He spent time with … Continue reading Thank God for Philip