How to Be a Good Church Member

There are other things to do as a Christian as it relates to your biological family and as it relates to those who don’t know Christ, but here are my suggestions for how to be a good church member at Central Oaks.

1. Regularly gather on Sundays with your fellow members to worship the Lord. Come early to chat and stay late to catch up and pray with someone. Cherish this time. Sing out loud. Pay close attention during the preaching. Ask God to speak to you and shape you.

2. Regularly gather with a growth group on Sunday mornings at 9:45. Bring your Bible and a notebook. Share personal needs. Write down prayer requests. Engage in Bible discussion.

3. Consider gathering Wednesday nights at 7pm. Bring your Bible and a notebook. Ask questions about the teaching. Volunteer to pray out loud during prayer time. Share prayer needs. Stay afterward to catch up.

4. Give. In person, mail, online. Give to the regular church budget and (as God allows), to missions and other needs. Start with 10% and move up.

5. Regularly pray for the members and leaders. Take the prayer guide printed on Wednesdays. Put it in your Bible and pray regularly for those requests. Pray through the contact sheet.

6. Look for opportunities to spend time with and serve a fellow member throughout the week. Invite someone who’s struggling over for coffee and dessert to pray together. Go to lunch with someone after our gathering Sunday. Go shopping with someone to see how they’re doing. Watch the tigers game with someone. Help someone from your growth group (or otherwise) with yard work. A good time to look for opportunities to do this is before or after Sunday AM worship.

7. Find a place to regularly do what you can to make a difference. Everyone can do something. Help design images for announcements. Run the projection for the Sunday morning gathering. Care for babies in the nursery once a month. Help count the offering. Become a growth group leader. Cook breakfast for Bibles at Breakfast.

8. Look for chances to talk about God and His Word and pray with other members. This often happens before and after our main Sunday AM gathering.

9. Invite people to come with you. To our main gathering, to your growth group, to Wednesday evenings, to events.

Many of you already do these things. I thank God for you. Others of you are growing. What step does the Lord want you to take next?