One of My Awkward “Evangelism” Moments

Since we are focusing on evangelism right now, I must share with you a time when I awkwardly took a step of faith on my road toward becoming a fisher of men. I share this to encourage any of you who sense a bit of fear or nervousness about talking about Jesus with someone who … Continue reading One of My Awkward “Evangelism” Moments

What Is the Next Steps Course?

For the next two Sundays, I will be teaching the “Next Steps Course” at church. It begins at 12:45 with lunch that my wife is taking care of. The course then guides attendees through 4 next steps in their relationship with Jesus. The first step is about how to come to know God as a … Continue reading What Is the Next Steps Course?

Dear Central Oaks (Part 11)

Well, another day has gone and another day has come, and God has been faithful yet again to His promises. Remember these things, dear friends: The Lord knows all there is to know about you (Psalm 139).God is your refuge and strength (Psalm 46).God goes before you (Deuteronomy 31).He will never leave you or forsake … Continue reading Dear Central Oaks (Part 11)

Dear Central Oaks (Part 10)

Today is the official beginning of a new season of life for many of us. I’m not sure when fall starts, but new routines begin on the Tuesday after Labor Day because that’s when everyone is back in school. Keep the Fortune’s, Walker’s, Riggs’, Wells’, Cox’s, Tehya, and Rose in your prayers as those individuals … Continue reading Dear Central Oaks (Part 10)

What God is Doing When He Takes Things Away

Good day to you, fellow Central Oakie, and friends “listening” in. Before I share my thought for this week, let me thank you all for praying for me. More and more I’m seeing how much I need your prayers. These past few weeks, spiritual opposition has been stronger than I normally notice. Whenever I’ve reached … Continue reading What God is Doing When He Takes Things Away

Four Reasons I Think We Should Hire An Associate Pastor

Hey church family, I’m happy to be back in my study at the church building because the Lord has called us here and has sustained us every step of the way. Many of you have been a big part of that. But it’s not about me and my family—the Lord is the center of the … Continue reading Four Reasons I Think We Should Hire An Associate Pastor

Reflections on Younger People Sticking

Church family, today I want to share some reflections I have about younger people being part of Central Oaks and then give some practical suggestions. Before I begin, let me clarify that my post today is about younger people who are actually seeking God and a church, not the many who are wandering from God … Continue reading Reflections on Younger People Sticking

How to Be a Good Church Member

There are other things to do as a Christian as it relates to your biological family and as it relates to those who don’t know Christ, but here are my suggestions for how to be a good church member at Central Oaks. 1. Regularly gather on Sundays with your fellow members to worship the Lord. … Continue reading How to Be a Good Church Member

Dear Central Oaks (Part 8)

We are walking for Jesus in bodies of clay. But in the war we’re fighting, our weapons are much more powerful and much more deadly than our clay bodies suggest. The weapons we use in this war “have divine power to destroy strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4). The 85-year old whose body doesn’t function like it … Continue reading Dear Central Oaks (Part 8)