How to Participate in Project One Church If You’re In a Unique Situation

Hey Church family, I hope you’re depending on the Lord and walking closely with Him today.

It was encouraging to me to see so many of you intermingling during worship yesterday, participating in Project One Church. Very cool! I am praying the Lord will use this initiative to help draw us all closer to Jesus together.

It crossed my mind yesterday that there may be some of you who appreciate the sentiment of this initiative but feel constricted because of concerns you have about COVID, or perhaps experience some other barriers that might prevent you from doing exactly as I’ve prescribed for Project One Church.

Let me encourage you to take the spirit of Project One Church and adapt it in ways that fit your unique situations.

For example:

1. Instead of having a full meal, you could have a cup of coffee while your spouse watches the kids. (Having dinner might leave some parents spending all their time wrangling children. )

2. Instead of meeting in person, you could do a zoom call while each family/group has a meal at their own home. Share how you came to know Jesus this way.

3. Instead of sitting so close, you could sit at a more comfortable distance from someone while sitting much closer than you have before.

Don’t let COVID or whatever else keep you from figuring it out. We have all adapted in so many ways in the past few years in order to do what we need to. We adapt for school, food, eating out, banking, and work. Let’s not allow those barriers to keep us from doing what we all know is more important than those other things.

And for those of us who are very privileged to have few concerns about being seriously impacted by COVID, we have an opportunity to put in practice Philippians 2:4 in a very practical way. This might mean wearing a mask when we wouldn’t otherwise, having a “zoom meal” when we we have no problem being in person, or adapting in other ways for the good of one another.

May the Lord use this to draw us closer to Him, together.