Is Christianity Harmful to LGBT People? (3 of 5)

Welcome to part three of my five-part series that seeks to answer the question “Is Christianity Harmful to LGBT People?” In part one I laid the framework for this series and wrote about why this is an important topic to consider. In part two I shared my understanding of the traditional Christian understanding of LGBT … Continue reading Is Christianity Harmful to LGBT People? (3 of 5)

Adjusting Roles a Bit With Pastor Chris

Hey all, I hope you’re doing well today and enjoying the sunshine. (Man, our weather is crazy no?) When we brought on Pastor Chris as a part time associate, we knew we wanted him to serve in more ways than just teenagers, but we didn’t know what that might be. After some discussion and prayer, … Continue reading Adjusting Roles a Bit With Pastor Chris

Eating Meals Together Is Biblical

As we start to get Project One Church moving, I wanted to point out that New Testament Christians ate meals together. Here are a few examples: Examples of Christians Eating Together Acts 2:46“And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts,” … Continue reading Eating Meals Together Is Biblical

How to Participate in Project One Church If You’re In a Unique Situation

Hey Church family, I hope you’re depending on the Lord and walking closely with Him today. It was encouraging to me to see so many of you intermingling during worship yesterday, participating in Project One Church. Very cool! I am praying the Lord will use this initiative to help draw us all closer to Jesus … Continue reading How to Participate in Project One Church If You’re In a Unique Situation

An Exciting, Humbling Opportunity

Well, church family, today I received an email from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary that I have been accepted into their Doctorate of Educational Ministry program. Lord willing, I will begin studies in January. Southern Seminary is one of, if not the largest evangelical seminary in America, if not the world. It’s where I received … Continue reading An Exciting, Humbling Opportunity

Dear Church Family,

Today’s blog doesn’t have a theme. It’s just a letter of some things I wanted to write to you. I hope you’ll read. If all of you would not just continue in the faith, but grow in faithfulness and fruitfulness, my joy would abound. I mean that sincerely. When God gives me the honor of … Continue reading Dear Church Family,