What Is the Next Steps Course?

For the next two Sundays, I will be teaching the “Next Steps Course” at church. It begins at 12:45 with lunch that my wife is taking care of. The course then guides attendees through 4 next steps in their relationship with Jesus.

The first step is about how to come to know God as a good heavenly Father. Some might call this “salvation,” or “conversion.” Even if folks already have a genuine relationship with God through Christ, it’s good to clarify what that is and how to know if you have one in the way God wants you to. 🙂

The second step is about baptism and learning how to follow Jesus. Baptism means a lot of things to a lot of different people. But what does the Bible say baptism is? What does it have to do with following Jesus? And practically speaking, how do we follow Jesus day-to-day?

The third step is about belonging to a church, or church membership. We’ll talk about what a local church is, why membership is important, our statement of faith and church covenant at Central Oaks, a little about our church’s history, and how to actually join the church.

The fourth step is about how to find what role God wants you to play in helping other people follow Jesus. We’ll talk about the mission Jesus has given us. I’ll direct participants to a spiritual gifts test, and we’ll talk about opportunities to serve the Lord.

This course is for anyone who wants to attend. You may be mainly interested in one step. That’s okay. You may just want to get the information to learn about these things and actually take the step later. Or you may decide you don’t want to take any of these steps. Taking the course is not a commitment. It’s just learning about the steps and what to do if you’re ready to take some, or all of them.

Now, here are the details:

  • The course is on February 13 and February 20. Each day is identical and covers all four steps. Come to either the 13th or the 20th.
  • There is no cost, but I do need to know how many packets and food to prepare, so please sign up at the gray table at church or let me know if you’re coming.
  • The course starts with lunch at 12:45 and goes until 3:45. (There will be breaks.)
  • Questions are encouraged!