Introducing: Navigate One Day Conference

Well, church fam, you know me and my incessant need to want to help you and others grow closer to God and His Word. A few friends from the Free Will Baptists in Michigan suggested I be part of a board that focuses on Christian education. So I did, and what do you know, we’re doing something for you all and anyone else who wants to attend.

We’re starting a very simple, one-day conference called “Navigate One Day.” The idea is to bring in an expert on a topic and have them help us navigate through it. We thought a good place to start is on how we can have confidence that the Bible we have today is really God’s Word.

Have you ever wondered that? Of course it claims to be God’s Word many times, but how do we know that the words haven’t been changed since the books were first written? (That was a long time ago!) Also, if it is God’s Word, why are there so many translations? Is there a best translation? And how do we know which is the best, if there is one?!

A friend of mine named Dr. Robert Picirilli has written a book about this very thing. He taught Greek at Welch College for many years and has written other very good books. “Dr. Pic,” as he is affectionately called, was in the choir I led when I was the part-time music minister at Cofer’s Chapel Free Will Baptist Church in Nashville, TN.

We have invited Dr. Pic to come teach us about this topic and he has agreed!

He’ll be teaching three times with a Q/A after each session. The conference will also provide lunch.

It is on Saturday, April 30, from 9:30–1:30 at the Southgate Free Will Baptist Church in Southgate, MI. The cost is $10/person, which includes lunch.

To register and find out more information, click here.