Adjusting Roles a Bit With Pastor Chris

Hey all, I hope you’re doing well today and enjoying the sunshine. (Man, our weather is crazy no?)

When we brought on Pastor Chris as a part time associate, we knew we wanted him to serve in more ways than just teenagers, but we didn’t know what that might be. After some discussion and prayer, we think he will serve us well to oversee some outreach ministries.

First, he’ll start overseeing a greeter ministry for our Sunday morning gatherings. He will need some volunteers! If you are a good smiler and like to talk to people, you are a perfect candidate!

Next, he’s working on a housewarming ministry where he’ll lead a team of people to drop off a simple welcome package to folks as they move into our area. (We have a subscription that gives us 15 or so names and addresses of people who are new to the area.)

In addition to this, he will be in charge of advertising for our church. Any Facebook ad, postcards for events, flyers, and whatnot, will be his baby.

Do you need a place to serve regularly? Talk to Pastor Chris. He will put you to good work for the kingdom!