Did You Hear What Nancy Ingram Did?

A dear lady has been a guest at our church for three weeks now. She lives not far from the building, but has been either walking or using the ride-share service Lyft to get here. After service this past Sunday, I was talking to her and Nancy Ingram, who was telling me that our new friend paid $10+ to get a ride to our church from about 2 miles away. Nancy had a look of “that’s crazy!” on her face.

Nancy took it upon herself to commit to bring this guest to church when she can so she wouldn’t have to pay for a ride anymore.

Now, maybe Nancy is a cheapskate who has a vendetta against ride-sharing services. But I don’t think that’s why she offered to give this woman a ride. I think she did it out of love for the Lord and our guest, who might be her sister in the Lord, and who will hopefully find a spiritual home with us.

That is what I’m talking about! Great job, Nancy!