Need Counsel, Prayer, Spiritual Check Up?

It’s hard to know how to care for people on an individual basis as a pastor. In the old days pastors would go to people’s houses regularly for a “home visit.” That has fallen by the wayside. These days the most time I have with you all as individuals is usually if something serious has happened physically or if you’re in our growth group. Maybe there is a way I can get better at this.

Today I found a really cool app called “Calendly.” It is a way for anyone to schedule a meeting/appointment with me that automatically syncs with my calendar.

I invite anyone to schedule an appointment with me for counsel and prayer, maybe a more thorough “Spiritual Check Up,” or a meeting for any other reason. I can meet you in person or over zoom.

To book something with me, just go to my Calendly page and schedule a time by clicking the link below.

Schedule a meeting.