Transition Update

Our King Jesus was not surprised by any of the changes happening in our lives, dear friends. He has this and He has us. He will never let go of us, and for that we can be grateful and at peace.


We signed papers with our realtor yesterday. Pictures of our house are being taken at the time I’m writing this, and 684 Phillips goes on the market tomorrow (Wednesday). We are told to expect a LOT of activity this weekend with many showings Friday–Sunday. In fact, we’ve been told it’s best to just plan on being away from the house this weekend except to sleep.

We’ve been looking at houses in NW Indiana for a while now but haven’t really seen anything that suits our fancy. Prices are high and interest rates have doubled since their low at the pandemic, but they’re still lower than many have paid. Even if we bought a house tomorrow, it wouldn’t close before we plan to move, so we’ll need some temporary lodging in Indiana. Please pray with us about this as it’s hard to find a place for a month or two. The Lord will work it all out.

Some Encouragements for Central Oaks

For our Central Oaks family, I have a few encouragements for you:

  1. Take ownership. The good thing about a church like ours (yours?) is that as a member, you can and should make your perspective known. Prayerfully consider nominating someone to be on the search committee. Ask the Lord for what He wants done in this season in and through Central Oaks and let the deacons and/or Pastor Chris know what the Lord puts on your heart.
  2. Regularly pray for the search committee. The decision of who the next Pastor will be is a huge decision that will impact the church for many years. Ask God to put the right at-large members on the search committee. Ask God to give the whole team wisdom. Comit to praying for them regularly and tell them you’re doing so.
  3. Keep coming, serving, giving. I recognize that God uses pastors to have an impact on some folks in unique ways, but we all know that the ultimate reason we are part of a church is for King Jesus. He is still in charge and still calls on all of you to continue serving Him and one another.

School for the Girls

Some of you have asked about our girls and their schooling. To our bewilderment, we were told that because of the timing, they won’t need to finish the school year in Indiana. Caroline’s teacher and principal have suggested some learning supplements for her, however. This means when we move, the girls will just have a long summer break before starting the fall year in Indiana. Thank you for praying now that the Lord will surround them with godly friends in whatever school they end up attending.


  • April 19: Member’s Meeting at Central Oaks to determine (1) whether Pastor Chris will be Interim Pastor, (2) budget adjustments for his compensation, and (3) add two at-large members to the search committee.
  • April 23: our last Sunday at Central Oaks with a potluck to follow.
  • April 24: Pastor Chris becomes Interim Pastor at Central Oaks (pending the vote on April 19)
  • April 24-28: Project Get Packed AH THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!
  • April 28: the girls’ last day of school and Mere’s last day of therapy
  • April 29: Navigate One Day Conference
  • May 2-9: Riggs reset vacation in Myrtle Beach
  • May 10-13: Move
  • May 14: first Sunday at Lake Hills
  • June 4: installation service at Lake Hills