Friends, We Have a Home!

When we came here to try out, we drove around looking at homes in the area. We happened upon the Gates of St. John subdivision and were intrigued. There was snow on the ground then so it was fun to maneuver on foot to peek in the windows. I prayed then, “Lord, if we come here, please give us one of these houses.”

Saturday we went to look at a house in Dyer for the second time. It looked somewhat promising when we saw it on Friday but I was a little uneasy about it because of some cracks in the foundation. After seeing it again Saturday, it was clear to both Lynsey and me that we did not want that house after all.

I told Lynsey I’d like to rule out the possibility of a new home. We had looked at a few others and they were too expensive for us. She told me that I needed to let the idea of having a new house go–that it just wasn’t a possibility. But she’s wonderful and wanted to humor me. Off to check on the last new builder we went.

Upon seeing the first home, the representative told us they had a promotion of 5.5% financing if we used their lender as well as $4000 toward closing costs. We saw a ranch home and thought it would be big enough for us, but still felt a little reserved–we didn’t want to get our hopes up.

I spoke to a mortgage consultant to verify the numbers the next day. We saw it again on Sunday. The payment is within our range. The house is 8 minutes from church, 5 minutes from Caroline’s school (Crown Point Christian), and in a school district with good services for special needs children. It. Is. Perfect.

At some point after leaving the house I remembered–the road our new house is on is the exact street we were on when I asked the Lord a few months earlier to give us one of those homes.

Lord willing, we will be closing on June 15 and moving in thereafter.

A huge thanks goes to Garrett Litke from Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation and Tiffany Dowling!

The Lord hears when we call to Him. May His name be praised above all others!