Church, We Must Gather In-Person (part 1)

The enemy of the church, Satan, has a foothold in the minds of Jesus’ bride in the basic area of her need to gather. There are countless reasons some professing Christians have as to why physically gathering as Christians isn’t that important or even necessary. Instead of attacking those reasons, I begin a series of posts today giving reasons why regularly gathering together in person with other Christians isn’t just important, but one of the most important things you can do in your life if you are indeed a Christian.

This is a big claim. I feel the need to say it again: if you are a Christian, one of the most important things you will ever do in your life is to regularly gather in person with other Christians.

My idea is to give one reason this is true in every blog post I write about this topic. Today the reason is this:

Gathering in person with other Christians is one of the most important things you will ever do in life because the presence of Jesus is especially realized when His people gather in His name.

This is what Jesus said in Matthew 18:20:

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Matthew 18:20

Yes, Jesus’ Spirit dwells in the hearts of all those who have been truly born again by the same Spirit (John 3:5; Romans 8:9). In addition to that, Jesus taught that when people gather in his name, He is there also. There is something unique about Jesus’ presence in the presence of His physically-gathered people.

So, the importance of gathering in person with other Christains comes down to the importance of Jesus’ presence in our lives. Isn’t being in the presence of Jesus one of the most important things you could experience in your life? What things are more important to us than being with Jesus?

Church family, Jesus is coming to gather with us this Sunday. Will you be there?

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