Dear Central Oaks (Part 6)

I’m very proud of you. That’s what I felt when I was observing all the children and families pouring into our parking lot this past Saturday. Let me explain.

In times past I’ve felt pressure to reach the lost, as if it truly depends on me. So at an event like the egg hunt when I knew I was about to share the gospel, I would feel overly concerned and feel like I need to try too hard.

My heart still breaks for the lost, for sure. But what I’m realizing is that we can only do so much. We can pray, model, and share the gospel, but God has to do the real work of converting people and growing them. One man plants, another waters, but God gives the growth. That gives my heart freedom.

Why I’m proud of you is because of how many of you I saw serving in some capacity on Saturday. I saw you checking people in, “hiding” eggs, moving tables, helping people park, setting up stuff, interacting with guests, and more. What I saw Saturday doesn’t include those of you that stuffed eggs and invited friends and family. The event went very smooth, and the Lord brought more people to the egg hunt than we’ve ever had since I’ve been pastor here.

Many, many people heard the gospel and were paying close attention to it on Saturday. I suspect some had never heard before. God will bring fruit as He wills. I pray He does and ask you to join me in that. But for you all, and Joanna Walker’s excellent leadership, I’m grateful. May God bring fruit from our meager efforts for Him!

Today Lynsey and I received the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine from a small pharmacy in Clawson. Anyone over the age of 16 can get a free vaccine in Michigan as of yesterday. So far, the only side effect is hair loss! 🙂

I was glad to hear of the Faust and Seymour growth groups having gatherings a week or so ago. Word on the street is Rob Seymour and Steve Walker defeated the mighty Slade group in cornhole. I’m sure Rob won’t soon forget that! Remember, it’s important for us to spend real, face-to-face time with other Christians. Discipleship isn’t just taught, it’s also caught.

Speaking of growth groups, I’ve been asking God to raise up 3 new growth group leaders to start new groups this fall. Is God calling you to lead a growth group? This summer I’ll be offering some training. Pray about it.

It was great to have Bill and Billie Martin back with us on Sunday after an extended hiatus due to COVID concerns. I also understand Danny and Cathy Shields are making the trek in their mobile home back to their immobile home. Lord willing, we’ll get to worship with them again soon.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Jane Humphrey and her awesome job at playing the keyboard this past Sunday. Jane practices and practices A LOT on her own, and her hard work paid off. She, as well as Gail Bidinger, Diane Perkola, and Rose Robinson have gladly adjusted to our style, and I’m so thankful for them.

The Lord Jesus loves you with love incorruptible and eternal. He paid the price of your sin in order to have you and deliver you to the Father. He rose again from the dead, and He sits in heaven right now, upholding the universe by His word, waiting until the Father says “go.” Have you spoken to the Lord today? Have you listened for Him in His Word? His voice is smooth as silk and peaceful as a trickling brook in a spring meadow. Oh how we need more of the Lord if we are to be faithful in this twisted time!

The Lord has a word for us on bondservants and masters this Wednesday, for which I covet your prayers.

Pastor Jacob