Dear Central Oaks (Part 8)

We are walking for Jesus in bodies of clay. But in the war we’re fighting, our weapons are much more powerful and much more deadly than our clay bodies suggest. The weapons we use in this war “have divine power to destroy strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4).

The 85-year old whose body doesn’t function like it once did has divine power and divine potential to make a massive difference in the invisible war that matters for eternity. What would happen in our lives if we rejected the world’s perspective about who we are and what we can or cannot do? For that matter, what would happen if we had God’s perspective about what is truly worth doing?

We have to set our eyes on what the flesh cannot see. We have to seek those things that are above—where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.

The deacons and I have been praying for God to give us a sister church that is made up of mostly black brothers and sisters. When the kingdom of Christ is the only kingdom, its color will contain every shade and hue of melanin He has beautifully made. But the reality for our church is we do not reflect that beautiful coming kingdom. You may say that expecting our church to perfectly reflect the consummated kingdom is unrealistic. I agree. But as much as it depends on us, and while I’m the pastor here, we will seek to reflect the values and shades of the coming kingdom as best we can, albeit imperfectly.

So, I’m very excited that Dr. Eric Moore accepted my invitation to preach at our 83rd Anniversary on June 6. Dr. Moore is the pastor of Tree of Life Bible Fellowship in Royal Oak on Greenfield. He is also a professor at the Michigan campus of Moody Theological Seminary. I haven’t met him, but one of our deacons has, and I’ve heard some of his sermons.

When asking Dr. Moore to preach for us, he let us know that June 6 is also the anniversary of Tree of Life Bible Fellowship! He has graciously agreed to have a combined anniversary service with his church and ours on June 6.

Now, Tree of Life has just started meeting in person every-other-week, and many, if not most of the older saints there, prefer to watch on YouTube. So he’s not sure how many of the 45 and younger (those who have come in person) will be joining us in person on June 6. Whether many come to worship together or not is up to the Lord. I pray many will.

I’ll be seeing if there are some from Tree of Life who want to help lead worship in addition to Dr. Moore preaching God’s Word for us.

Last year at anniversary Sunday we stayed in our cars (remember that?) while my Dad preached under the awning. This year we’ll be, Lord willing, renting a large tent and having it set up in the open field on the west of our property. All of us will need to bring our own chairs (camping chairs) and bring our own food for those in our biological families. You may want to bring a lawn game as well.

On that day, plan to stay for a while and meet some folks and get to know them better. There are some new faces who are part of our church that you’ll be able to put a name with that you haven’t been able to get to know since COVID. And of course, we pray there will be some faces with more melanin to get to know and start to love as well. More info to come on that day I’m excited about!

Now, regarding the World Missions Offering—give! Lynsey and I haven’t given yet as we’re waiting on a few things, but we will soon. This one-time gift is a great opportunity to support God’s work throughout many parts of the world and not just the areas where the missionaries we have relationships with are stationed.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and I hear there’s going to be a specially-led congregational song after the sermon involving up to 3 generations. Very cool stuff!

Look to turn conversations toward God and pray with people. Let’s make that normal.

Pastor Jacob