What Christian Students Can Do In Public School

Today’s post doesn’t directly apply to most of you because most of you don’t have school-age children. But some of you do, and many of you also have grandchildren. I am writing about this because this has become a topic of conversation for our family. I’ve also talked to one family in our church about some issues they’ve had with the religious freedoms of their child being restricted in school.

Our oldest daughter told us one day that she couldn’t talk about God in school or pray before lunch. I told her that was not true. She absolutely can do those things and more. Students have the legal right to express their religious beliefs during school in a public school in various ways. It’s protected by the first amendment and is currently being guarded by various law firms in the United States.

For more information on this, including what students can legally do, please see the Alliance Defending Freedom’s website here.

If your student has been told by a teacher or administrator that they can’t pray, take their Bible, or talk about Jesus or God in a presentation they make or in conversation, I suggest you share the above website with them. If they do not respond, contact the principal, then the school board, using the same content.

I assume that most teachers and administrators are simply not aware of these freedoms and have taken the restrictions they have as leaders to apply to students. That is simply not the case.