An Exciting, Humbling Opportunity

Well, church family, today I received an email from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary that I have been accepted into their Doctorate of Educational Ministry program. Lord willing, I will begin studies in January.

Southern Seminary is one of, if not the largest evangelical seminary in America, if not the world. It’s where I received my graduate degree in 2015. I’ll be studying there again for the next three years.

Lynsey and I wavered back and forth about where to study and what to study and whether or not now is the right time. The Lord has opened this door at Southern and I’m excited to pursue this education.

My workload will be comprised of three main things: (1) 4 week-long “seminars” on campus in Louisville, KY in January and July (including work before and after those seminars), (2) a ministry project (like a dissertation), and (3) a few online courses near the end of the program.

The emphasis I’ll be focusing on is Church revitalization. I’ll be pursuing seminars titled “Biblical and Theological Issues in Church Revitalization,” “Principles and Practices in Church Revitalization,” “Leadership in the Local Church,” and either “Spiritual Awakening and Revivals” or “Ecclesiology.” In addition to that, two online courses will equip me to teach in a classroom setting.

Lord willing, much of what I learn in this degree will help our congregation, and perhaps equip me to help other pastors and congregations in the future.

I appreciate your support and prayers as we embark on this new emphasis in our journey toward the kingdom of Christ.

Also, I’ve already informed the deacons that they can call me “The Honorable Reverend Doctor J Douglas Riggs III.” Ha! 🙂