Dear Central Oaks (Part 12)

It’s a cold but beautiful day. The Lord is with us by His Spirit, our purpose is clear, and our good works have been prepared for us. Now we simply walk in them as we do good and look for the Spirit’s leading.

The Lord has, by in large, guarded us from serious effects of COVID. We have not said goodbye to anyone in our church, by God’s grace. Of course, many of us have had the virus, but we have all recovered. The Kolibar’s and Waugh’s are currently on the mend. Their recovery is a reason for thanks to our King.

The Lord has been good to us in the trustees He has given us. All of them are diligent, but I especially want to mention Danny Shields. He and Cathy are leaving this week to winter. In the past several months he oversaw several projects for the facilities the Lord has entrusted to us. Well done, Danny! We will miss them while they’re away and push back our jealousy as below freezing temperatures become normal again.

You may be aware that Elsie Anderson has had an infection that has kept her away from us for a few weeks. She tells me she feels just fine, but there are some complications and continued healing that needs to take place before she can gather with us again. We all know it bothers her greatly to not be able to go and do, but perhaps the Lord wants her to rest a bit.

We have prayed for Stephen Wells to get a new job, and the Lord provided for him. He begins work at FANUC in a week or so. Coincidentally, FANUC is where Chris Walker works in the IT department! Pretty cool!

I am thankful for Pastor Chris and his hit-the-ground-running attitude. Thank you, church family, for the cards and gift cards you all gave he and Kathy. Would you prayerfully consider if the Lord would have you come alongside Chris to help with ministry to teenagers?

Jan Witt told me today that Butch had an MRI on his knee that revealed he needs a total knee replacement. Personally I’m glad they’ve discovered this because although he’ll have a few months of rehab, it’s a plan to get him some relief from his significant pain. I know it’s pained us to see our brother hurting so.

It’s wonderful that Destiny Malone was able to leave the hospital and return to Dan and Gail’s home. Jesus answered our prayers for her baby boy as he is now much more likely to be born healthy since he’s put on weight these past several weeks. Perhaps he can be carried to term! I’ve appreciated Destiny’s willingness to let me talk to her about the Lord and the gospel while she was in the hospital. Pray for her and Justin!

Ken Millen is a gem, y’all. He has already shown his heart for the Lord and willingness to be a blessing to others in practical ways. I’m very glad Jesus has brought him to our church. He has completed the membership matters course, done an interview with me, and shared his testimony at our last members meeting. In the new year, assuming all goes well, I will be recommending to the members on a Sunday morning that you affirm his walk with the Lord and apply the commitments we’ve made in our church covenant to him.

For those of you that have not yet taken the step of membership, can I ask if you’d please take the next membership matters course? Pastor Chris and Kathy will be taking it, and I believe it will be very helpful for your faith and be a tool for you to find how the Lord wants you to serve His body at Central Oaks. Right now I plan on offering the course in the beginning of 2022.

My heart is for you, church family. I sincerely love you all and am so grateful that our King would let me be one of your under shepherds.

The Lord is gracious, slow to anger, rich in love, good to all,

Pastor Jacob