The Sovereign Lord

The phrase "the sovereign Lord" occurs 282 times in the NIV translation of God's Word. Want to guess how many times the phrase is used in the book of Ezekiel? Two hundred and ten! Of course, for God to be sovereign means that He has supreme authority. He's the boss. Why this phrase so much … Continue reading The Sovereign Lord

New Song: “Hymn of Heaven”

If the Lord doesn’t come back before then, we will learn a new song as a church starting this Sunday. It’s called “Hymn of Heaven.” Here is a video, followed by the lyrics. Verse 1 How I long to breathe the air of HeavenWhere pain is gone and mercy fills the streetsTo look upon … Continue reading New Song: “Hymn of Heaven”

New Song: Psalm 150 (Praise the Lord)

Hey all. We introduced a new song this past Sunday that we’ll be singing several times over the next few weeks to help us all learn it. It’s from Psalm 150 and is titled the same. It was written by Matt Boswell and Matt Papa. They also wrote some songs we already sing: “Come Behold … Continue reading New Song: Psalm 150 (Praise the Lord)

A New Song for November—“Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me”

The music team will be introducing a new song starting this coming Sunday. It’s called “Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me.” It was put out by a ministry called CityAlight, which is from a church called St. Paul’s Anglican in Castle Hill, Australia. We’ve actually heard and partially sung the song before when … Continue reading A New Song for November—“Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me”